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Our mission

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Machine Learning,
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The value you can provide with AI is limited by how fast you iterate through ideas. Things like clunky infrastructure and slow data loading only distract from your job. We created Grid to fix that. Whether you are building a production-grade AI pipeline, doing drug discovery, or pushing the SOTA of AI research, Grid 10Xs your iteration speed by scaling on the cloud from your laptop.

The Product

Grid Platform


Benefits of the Grid Platform

Accelerates Time to Production

Iterate through hundred of ideas in days not months.

Web App Customized for Data Scientists

With a flexible command line interface.

Saves Money

By avoiding wasted compute spend on infrastructure setup.

Optimizes Giant Datasets

To work at scale needs for production and cutting-edge research workloads.

Computes Costs in Real-Time

To make it easy to quantify the R&D efforts of any AI project.

Access Jupyter Notebooks at Scale

With all the GPUs you need.

Supports multiple frameworks such as PyTorch Lightning, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras

Use Cases

Using Grid in the Real World

workingLikes image

Navaeh and Alaia are recent MS in Data Science grads. At their startup, they are building models to detect what topics their company should write about to maximize their engagement on social media. They use Grid because they want to spend their time going through ideas and not on managing infrastructure. Their startup depends on how fast they can get to a working prototype of their idea, and a single GPU on their desktop just won’t cut it. With Grid, they take 3 months worth of ideas in a few days.


Thu is a professor at a leading university research lab for breast cancer detection. Her 15 Ph.D. students use Grid to focus on iterating through their research ideas instead of learning about engineering. Their ablation/idea backlog will take them 3 months on their local DGX-1 machines. By using Grid, they can condense this backlog into a few days.

workingFinancial Services

Evan is a Data Scientist at a Fintech company. His main focus is to build models to detect fraudulent credit card transactions using deep learning. He needs to access his data safely and do large-scale training to experiment on different models quickly. Thanks to Grid, he can experiment from his laptop using powerful jupyterlab instances while sending hundreds of jobs using one line of code. Grid has sped up his workflow from weeks to days.


Nova works at a streaming company where she manages the ML team. They need to create a service that automatically skips TV show intro’s for the product they are building. To do this requires them to process large amounts of data. Their cloud provider does not allow them to have enough access to GPUs. Using Grid, they can launch multiple experiments in parallel, each using hundreds of GPUs concurrently. This allows them to iterate faster and ship their product in a matter of weeks rather than months.

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