Visit Lightning AI Acquires AI platform Tensorwerk, Bolstering Its Cloud ML Capabilities

February 11, 2022 –, a cloud-based platform for building and training machine learning (ML) models, announces the acquisition of Tensorwerk, a company developing open-source projects in the deep-learning space. Through this acquisition, boosts its platform’s functionality, enabling data scientists and researchers to build advanced models faster and more efficiently on the cloud.

ML models, and especially deep learning models, require powerful computers to process massive datasets, with their ultimate effectiveness directly dependent on the underlying computation resources. Building the infrastructure needed to run ML models often leads businesses into computational debt. The problem is especially acute for early-stage startups, which invest a significant amount of time and resources into training their models.

With the acquisition, onboards the Tensorwerk team and utilizes the company’s products to refine the ML and deep learning capacities on its own platform. By leveraging Tensorwerk’s experience in deep learning, empowers data scientists and researchers to train even more advanced models faster and cheaper.’s SaaS platform, Grid, enables researchers to quickly train advanced ML models on-cloud without having to invest in their own computing capabilities. With Grid, researchers can focus on preparing the training datasets and experimenting with different learning algorithms, leaving it up to Grid’s infrastructure to crunch the data. Grid allows researchers and data scientists to scale their AI models using the same code they ran on their laptop, enabling rapid research iterations.

“ML is one of the technologies that will define and underpin our future,” says William Falcon, Co-founder and CEO of “By expanding our team with Tensorwerk’s talented engineers, whose expertise will sharpen the machine learning tools we offer to our clients, we are redefining the way researchers and data scientists engage with AI software.”

“Together, and Tensorwerk will revolutionize the way AI products will be developed and distributed,” says Luca Antiga, Tensorwerk’s CEO and founder. “The collaboration between our teams will help empower startups to focus on building amazing products without having to worry about the infrastructure.”

About Founded in 2019 by William Falcon, the creator of the ML open-source framework PyTorch Lightning, enables companies of all sizes to train AI models on hundreds of cloud CPUs and GPUs. With its ML platform, Grid, there is no need for companies to hire a team of ML specialists or spend additional time and money on their own AI infrastructure. This empowers researchers and data scientists to focus on developing their models instead of having to build the infrastructure first. For more information, visit:

About Tensorwerk: Tensorwerk was founded in 2019 by software engineers Luca Antiga and Rick Izzo as an open-source development tool for ML. Tensorwerk aims to create the critical building blocks for the upcoming data-defined development industry by blending traditional software engineering tools with deep learning. For more information, visit: