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Academic and Public Sector Research Labs, contact us for Researcher pricing.

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  • Unlimited Simultaneous GPUs
  • Unlimited Simultaneous Experiments
  • Unlimited Interactive Sessions
  • Unlimited Datastores
  • Unlimited Artifact Storage
  • Unlimited Interruptible machines (spot)


No Monthly Fee

Cloud machines starting at $0.05 an hour



Early access to new features


  • Everything included in Community 
  • Add Your Own Cloud Credentials
  • Shared Datastores
  • Team Collaboration
  • Team Cost Management
  • Team Resource Manager


  • Business Hours Support
  • Dedicated Grid Slack Channel

Prices starting at $250 / Month
Cloud machines starting at $0.05 an hour

30 Day Free Trial


Early access to new features


  • Everything included in Teams
  • On-Prem Deployments
  • Advanced Security + Auditing
  • Enterprise Cost Management
  • Enterprise Resource Manager


  • 24/7 Support + Enhanced SLA
  • Dedicated Grid Slack Channel
  • PyTorch Lightning Support

Custom Pricing

VPA available

30 Day Free Trial

What our customers say

Jacopo Tagliabue
Lead AI Scientist at Coveo
The simplicity of the CLI and the tutorial works exactly the way the product experience works!
Jesse Perla
Associate Professor of Economics at the University of British Columbia
I ran maybe 150 experiments yesterday from the CLI. NOT A SINGLE FAILED. And I had slammed things with my shell scripts for the submission, downloading artifacts, and deletion of these as well rather than submitting by hand so it could keep up with that pace.
Motaz Alfarraj
Assistant Professor at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
You did a great job with the interface and the ease of setup.


Do I need to create a login to use Grid?

Yes, you’ll need to use your Gmail or GitHub account. Create a login here.

Which cloud provider can I operate on?

Grid currently supports AWS. Azure and GCP support are coming soon.

Do you have a Community Slack?

Yes, check it out here.

How will I be billed?

Billing for the Community plan is invoiced as services are used. Teams and Enterprise plans are invoiced annually with flexible deployment and usage options. invoices monthly for your cloud usage compute fees.

Is there a minimum order amount?

Yes, the minimum order is $25.

Are there alternate methods to pay to use Grid?

Yes, contact for more information.

Do my credits expire?

No, purchased credits do not expire.

I’d like to upgrade to the Teams or Enterprise plan.

Great! Contact us here. Don’t worry; your credits are transferrable.

Is volume purchasing offered?

Yes, contact