About Us was founded in 2019 by the original creators of PyTorch Lightning, with origins in the academic and open source community. Headquartered in New York City, the team is a remote-first workforce distributed around the globe.

William Falcon
Founder & CEO
Brownie connoisseur. Tequeños are not cheese sticks. Previously PhD Student at NYU, FAIR. Prior Goldman Sachs, US Navy.
Luis Capelo
Founder & CTO
Proud father of a toddler that loves cake & Raspberry Pi's. Builder of intelligent machines. Previously @Glossier, @Forbes, and @UN. Harvard Alumni.
Marc Ferradou
VP Strategy
I love smoothies so much that I named my dog Banana and cat Milkshake. Data Scientist at heart. Previously at CNN and BuzzFeed.
Alex Rose
Head of People and Operations
Mini Cooper fanatic with an uncontrollable car habit. Leading the shift from employee experience to employee success!
Ian Gomez
Head of Marketing
Moonlighting secret shopper with an addiction to boba. Over a decade in marketing and sales at, HP and Gucci.
Poonam Chitale
Head of Product
Empathy and kindness enthusiast! Several years in software development and product at NVIDIA and IBM.
Armen Kopoyan
Head of Sales and Business Development
I love the feeling of landing in a new city. Sales leader in the data space for over 20 years.
Ari Bornstein
Head of Developer Advocacy
Passionate about AI, community, and archeology. Have been told that I make the worlds best s'mores. Ex-MSFT and BIU NLP.
Noha Alon
Senior Engineering Manager
I do headshots at the beach and everyone copies me. 3 years @Microsoft working on Speech recognition and 1.5 years @Glossier bringing ML to beauty.


We’re backed by some of the top VC’s

Some of Our Angels and Advisors

Aaron Katz
CRO Elastic
Bob Dorf
Author, Professor and coach at Columbia Business School
Jason Warner
GitHub CTO
Kyunghyun Cho
Assistant Professor NYU
Mark Valdez
Founder at Eads Bridge Holdings
Stanley Tang
Co-founder and CPO DoorDash

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